You probably would have been a guest, once or twice, maybe more, at an event that obviously would have cost a fortune, but actually lacked the aura of a good party.

And in other cases, one out of the many unplanned parties, the kind of party that was not properly prepared for but turned out to be the best you’ve ever been a part of.

The aforementioned instances are drawn from two ends, but the intention is to show that, sometimes the absence of proper skills of being an excellent hostess or host could render the most expensive party a terrible gathering, whereas an impromptu and cheap party can be a huge success.

Undoubtedly, there are a few things to consider and put in place in order to have a perfect party. And irrespective of how properly planned a party is, these things cannot be put in the right places without the right skill of hosting.

Set the Right Mood

For every perfect party, the host has to set the right mood, and just a lot of factors make up this mood, some of which are the party music, menu, theme, location, and so on. For instance, if one is having a small party in the house, there may be a need to create more space for the guests by rearranging the furniture and ensuring there is enough space to enable guests’ free movement. Placing fresh flowers in and around the house, scented candles, and dim lights also create a welcoming and warm aura.

Use Place Cards and Mingle

It is in human nature to want to be in the company of those they know but parties, either birthday or dinner, are actually the best ways to make new acquaintances! If your party guests are people who don’t know themselves, endeavor to make everyone feel comfortable in one another’s company. Use place cards to mix up the seating and watch your guests make new acquaintances.

Ensure that Your Guests are Well Fed

The thought of a perfect party comes with a great menu. Who does not like good food? People generally like to eat, and having to eat in the company of friends and new acquaintances feels just great. Giving party guests opportunities to eat to their fill is an attribute of a good host.

Making food available for guests should not be seen as a strenuous exercise by the host, as the food can be cooked ahead of the event. Snacks and drinks can also be ordered for and made ready before the party time. When there is something to munch on, guests can be kept interested in the party.

Work on Your Combinations

Be creative when it comes to combining the dessert flavors; be sure to have a taste-bud-blowing combination. If for a summer dessert party, you can settle for homemade vanilla ice cream. And if you are on the adventurous side and want something new, take a leap by adding chili powder to mango slices or prepare a cocktail that mixes basil leaves and grapes.

Wear a Cute Apron

Do not play smart with the splashes from drinks and other stains from food. Wear that apron close to avoid gravy splatter all over yourself.

All credit goes to Sweet e’s Pastries and Sweets