Finding it difficult to decorate cakes because your hands have a mind of their own? Don’t stress! It’s a myth that cake decoration needs steady, professional hands and an artistic eye. This could not be further from the truth. There are many cake decorators who have impressive hand-eye coordination that can take marzipan, fondant, gum paste, and icing to three-dimensional levels but it does not always need artistry or unshaken confidence.

What cake artistry does need is awareness of smart techniques. When your hands stop listening to your mind, just go through these tips below to get a firm hold of yourself. This applies only to those without a medical condition that makes their hands shake. If you have no health concerns that make them tremble, get good rest, take a deep breath, then look at these tactics to sharpen your skills.

Don’t Rush

Give yourself time to do the job well. Michaelangelo did not create his works of art in a day. Bake the cake a day ahead, drizzle it with ganache, and leave it to set overnight. Then drape fondant over it neatly, sit down with a cup of coffee for inspiration, and get down to decorating it. 3D flowers or figurines don’t need a steady hand. Create them first, then place them on the fondant.

Petal Dust

If painting with a paintbrush is not your thing, try using an edible pen or marker. It will give you better control and fewer splotches. Petal dust is easy to sprinkle all over your cake. You can’t go wrong with it.

Flexible Fondant Smoother

A flexible fondant smoother is great to minimize mistakes. They are easy to smoothen fondant with as they curve around the edges without effort. If you accidentally dent your fondant, gently dab it with the smoother to even out the dent. Fondant bits can help you fill any holes that may have been accidentally created.

The icing on the Cake

If your icing is hard to squeeze out, adjust it to make it softer. Soft icing is easy to Pipe out. Thin down royal icing with a little water. Place two cups of thick royal icing in a mixing bowl and add a little water using a spray bottle. Stir gently until you get the right consistency. Keep the unused portion well covered or it will dry out and thicken again. Don’t overfill your piping bag. This will give you more control while squeezing it out.

Sugar shapers

Here’s a hint! Use decoration tools that have a larger handle to keep your hands steady. Paint brushes and sugar shapers with ergonomic grip handles help you increase hand control. Tapered double-headed sugar shapers help you design, detailed floral petals, ribbons, curls, ruffles, and any other shape you have in mind, with accuracy and confidence. There are shapers made of flexible, food-grade TGE that protect against breakage and cracks. Smaller, thinner ones help you work on details effortlessly.

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