Originating in the United States several years ago, throwing a cake-smashing party has become a common occurrence and is spreading across the globe. But what, exactly, is spreading? Have you ever tried throwing a birthday for a one-year-old, buying them a delicious, beautiful cake to share with family, only to have them smash it to bits? Well, then that’s exactly what a cake-smashing party is for! Throw the event for your child and take advantage of all the adorable photo opportunities it will bring. If you’re not sure how to plan a cake-smashing party, then this is the perfect guide for you.

Choosing a Party Theme

As it’s your baby’s first birthday, they’re not likely to remember much about the party. That means you can choose a theme that’s based on whatever you desire. As this is a photographic occasion, it’s best to choose a theme that will photograph well. It could be based on a color scheme, an elegant affair, or something no one would ever think to associate with a child’s birthday. With close friends and family surrounding your baby on their big day, make it an event your guests will never forget.

The Smashing Cake

The sole purpose of this birthday party is to smash a cake, so it’s a pretty important aspect of the entire day. Now, as it’s going to be destroyed, we’re not suggesting spending hundreds of dollars on a cake. However, for the photo’s sake, it should complement the party theme and look great while doing it. But to get the best cake smash effect, it’s best to go for a softer cake, one your child can actually make a mess of.

Those Little Extras

Since the festivities will be focused on your baby and the cake, you don’t have to go too crazy with the extra party decorations. Balloons and streamers will make for a cuter backdrop for photos, but don’t think you need to go all out on birthday hats and a pinata. You definitely can if you want to, but it’s not necessary. Although, placing a precious birthday hat on your baby’s head while they’re going in on that cake would make for an adorable photo-op.

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