No celebration is complete without a bite of a freshly baked cake. Be it a birthday, graduation party, farewell, promotion, mother’s day, wedding, or anniversary, it is the celebration cake that marks a milestone and brings your loved ones together. So you have every reason to make it as special as your occasion. Whatever is next on your calendar, look at why you should call us at Sweet E’s Pastries and Sweets for your order.

Freshly Baked

Our pastry chefs take care to serve you oven-fresh bakes every single day. But that’s the last stage. First, we spend time listening to your needs and understanding your requirements, quite unlike the grocery store offerings where you just grab what you get. Once we know the theme, we try to pin down the flavor. From Vanilla Fruit Mousse, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Butterscotch Pecan, and Gluten Free selections, we have a variety of different flavors for everyone in your party to savor, making sure every person leaves with a smile.

Top Quality

There’s a reason why we are the trusted pastry chefs in Vancouver for many years. We believe in delivering only the best by following stringent standards of hygiene and using only top-quality products.

Designed to Be Unique

Tell us your dream and we will go to every length to make it come true. If you can’t explain it in words, send us a picture! Our creativity has no limits and our chefs love a challenge. Whatever the occasion, we are happy to custom design it to make it unique for you.

Timely Delivery

We understand that baking a cake and decorating it just the way you want takes time. But that’s no excuse to deliver late and ruin the occasion. Whether it’s a three-tiered wedding cake, chocolate brownies, pies, tarts, or cookies, we make sure you get your delivery on time to enjoy our treats. We also take care to transport it properly or keep it for you to pick up in the best condition.

Inspire Conservation

Although our cakes are designed to meet your budget requirements, there’s a difference when you buy from us. You know that we don’t mass produce. Each order is designed to inspire conversation. When you have a bite of our creations at other events, you will know it’s from us, because you taste the light sponge texture too, not just a sugary icing. We have cookie-sized fresh pies, green tea, classic butter shortbread, seasonal fresh fruit pavlova, lemon crunch cookies, and more. Isn’t that enough to get you talking right now?

Our Story at Sweet e’s Pastries and Cakes

Like your occasions, our pastry shop has a story to celebrate too. We are Sisters Eleanor, Kathleen, and Theresa Tsang, who opened our shop back in November 2005 in the Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver. The idea was to create a cozy, contemporary, chic boutique where each bake and bite-sized treat is as delightful to look at as they are to eat. Each of us brings in our own flair. Our styles are inspired by North American, European, and Asian traditions to cater to diverse mindsets and needs. Some are elegant, some are fun, and some are whimsical, but each one is unique. Do remember, you don’t always need an occasion to celebrate with our custom-made cakes. Just call us for your order and make it an occasion.

All credit goes to Sweet e’s pastries and sweets