A diabetes diagnosis does not mean you have to live without dessert for the rest of your life. A little planning can go a long way to keep your sweet tooth satisfied and your blood sugar level under control. Consider these tips to indulge safely while being diabetic.

Replace carbs with dessert

While it is important to focus on your sugar intake, it is also important to note your total carbohydrates. If you want a small slice of pie for dessert, skip some starchy vegetables during dinner. This should not be something you do all the time, though. Sweets do not have much nutritional value compared to most carbs, like starchy vegetables, so only do this for special occasions.

Portion control

Limiting how often you indulge in sugary desserts is essential, but so is reducing your portions – this is usually easier said than done, though. When you ingest sugar, it sets off a response in your brain that makes you crave even more. It can take a lot of mental effort to fight off the urge to have more, but there are ways to make it less challenging.

Buy desserts that are packaged as a single swerve like a square of dark chocolate or a sugar-free fudge popsicle. It is also important to get real with yourself. If you cannot have cake in your house without feeling tempted to eat the whole thing, then do not buy it.

When you go out for food, scan the menu for desserts with smaller portions. Several restaurants offer desserts that are served in shot glasses or on smaller plates. You could also share larger desserts with the table so that everyone can have a little nibble.


It can be challenging to make a selection from a menu because nutritional information is usually not listed. Making desserts yourself is an excellent way to know precisely what is in them. You are free to substitute sugar for diabetic-friendly options like applesauce, oil, or artificial sweeteners.

You can also control how large of a portion you make for yourself. Make small batches so that leftovers are kept to a minimum and there is less temptation to overindulge.

Look out for sugar-free or sugar substitutes when making desserts for yourself. There are many ingredients you can use as a substitute, and there are several sugar-free options to choose from, making it easier than ever to make your favorites diabetic-friendly. Varying your recipes will help prevent you from getting bored with your choices as well.

Treat yourself to fruit

The easiest way to indulge more is by making fruit a part of your dessert menu whenever possible. It could be the dessert itself or a part of the recipe. While fruit is high in carbs, it is also packed full of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Fruits are also versatile ingredients that can be made into several desserts like melon salad, fruit salad with yogurt dressing, banana split cake, and chocolate mousse pie.

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