Whether you suffer from celiac disease or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, then going gluten-free is something you should seriously consider. There are many gluten-free foods and recipes out there to make the transition a bit easier. To help you determine if this switch is right for you, here are the five main benefits of going gluten-free.

Improves the Digestive System

Issues like bloating, excessive gas, and diarrhea are signs of gluten sensitivity or intolerance. You’re likely to experience mood swings and fatigue as well. For severe gluten intolerances, you’ll be diagnosed with celiac disease, particularly if you also experience nausea and vomiting. As based goods can be chock-full of gluten, going the gluten-free route will greatly improve your overall health and provide long-term relief.

Improves IBS Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder within the intestines that causes digestive problems that include bloating, constipation, gas, and diarrhea. If you’ve been diagnosed with IBS, then it’s likely that you’ve been referred to a low-FODMAP diet. This specialized diet focuses on consuming short-chain carbohydrates that ferment in the intestines rather than digest like other foods. Following this diet and sticking to foods that ferment in your stomach will reduce some of your IBS symptoms.

Increases Energy Levels

It’s common to experience fatigue when you have gluten sensitivity, usually described as having a foggy head or feeling sluggish. Eating gluten can trigger an immune response, where the cells will attack the small intestine’s lining. Over time the lining will wear away, preventing nutrients from being absorbed and lowering your energy levels. Switching to a gluten-free diet packed with fruits, vegetables, and delicious gluten-free desserts will help your body absorb nutrient-dense food and increase your energy levels.

Reduces Inflammation

While occasional inflammation is completely normal, the chronic inflammation associated with celiac disease can develop into other forms of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Eating gluten-free sweets and other foods will help to eliminate these harmful consequences of celiac disease. It can also lower your chance of developing other auto-immune diseases.

Improves Fat Loss Efforts

Based on a study from 2013, gluten-free foods were shown to lower both body fat and weight, without altering how much food was eaten when compared to the subject’s regular diet. Because gluten-free foods are also less processed than foods that contain gluten, you’ll be eating more foods that are healthier for your system and will help in promoting weight loss as well as fat loss.

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