Who knew the effort required to achieve flawless icing on your cake? ‘Icing on the cake is a commonly used term to describe something that makes things even better and there is no denying that icing does make the cake so much better. However, you will be surprised to know that, as easy as it sounds, getting the icing right can be quite a task. There are many potential issues that can make your icing not so perfect. Thankfully, solving them is quite easy. Here are the top tips to solve all kinds of icing issues.

Air bubbles

One of the most common issues with icing is air bubbles. You can spot those pesky air bubbles creeping in your icing and making it look bubbly and not in a good way. The best solution for air bubbles is to avoid mixing your icing at high speed for a long time. Instead, let the icing rest for 10 to 15 minutes and cover the bowl with a damp cloth.

Lumps and clogged tips

Lumps and clogs not only spoil the look of your cake but also make it impossible to squeeze out the icing when you are piping your cake. This frustrating problem is real, especially when you are in between icing the cake, and a lump just makes it impossible for the icing to finish. Sift your confectioner’s sugar thoroughly and use a clean piece of pantyhose to sift out the sugar if needed. That way, any bigger lumps will be separated and you will have fine sugar to work with.

Not so good-looking!

One of the common problems that many people have with their icing is dullness. Often people claim that although their icing looked sparkling and beautiful at first, it soon lost its finish and has started looking dull. To address this issue, you can try adding a hint of corn syrup to your icing before decorating and leave it to dry. Alternatively, the confectioner’s glaze also works and creates the same effect.

Caution: Fragile

Fragile icing is not a new issue. When you are piping your cake and the icing begins to fall apart, it is nothing short of a heartbreak. A pastry chef’s worst nightmare is humidity and fragile icing. The best option is to leave your icing material in a cool and dry place. You can also use a good-quality dehumidifier if you cannot keep moisture out.

Crooked icing

Unless you are trying to make Halloween cake icing, crooked icing can totally spoil the look and finish of your cake. The biggest reason for crooked icing is your pipe. Many companies infuse two parts and make the icing pipe which gives a dented icing finish. Try to buy a one-piece icing tube to avoid crooked icing.

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