Your wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your reception. It is a focal point that captures your guests’ attention and many celebrations revolve around it. It is not surprising that many couples fret over finding the perfect cake. These are a few things to consider when choosing the wedding cake of your dreams:


Different bakers specialize in different kinds of cakes, so look for one that can create what you are looking for. Meet with them to see if they can do what you want in terms of flavor, decorations, and our overall desired look. Bring pictures with you to give the baker a better idea of what you are looking for and to make deciding on a cake style easier.


It can take up to six months to choose a wedding cake and have it made, so do not leave it to the last minute. You should start the cake choosing process as soon as you have a venue and color scheme chosen.


The size and number of tiers of your wedding cake will depend on how many people you need to feed. First, decide how big you want the slices to be and then ask your baker how many tiers you would need to serve all of your guests based on the size of your slice. If you like the look of a tall cake but do not need many tiers, you could use columns to give it height.


Keep climate conditions in mind when choosing to frost for your wedding cake. If your wedding will be outside when the weather is warm, going with fondant is a better idea than whipped cream, meringue, or buttercream, since fondant does not melt as quickly. Fondant is a better choice for creating a smooth look as well. If you like the taste of buttercream but the look of fondant, you could have your baker frost with buttercream first and then add a layer of fondant on top. Be wary of using colors as well since some guests might not like the idea of having a green or bluetongue after eating cake.


Instead of trying to please all of your guests, go with the taste you like the most. You do not have to pick vanilla frosting and cake if you prefer something different. If you are having trouble narrowing down your choice, consider which season you are getting married in. Some flavors suit summer better like blueberry or strawberry, while others suit the fall like pumpkin. Or, you could have different tiers in different flavors so that there is something for everyone – but, this could make serving more complicated.


Talk with your baker about making arrangements to have the cake delivered safely and on time to your venue. The baker might need to bring the cake in pieces and assemble it on-site. This may take some time, and the cake might need to be refrigerated so ensure there is space in your venue’s fridge.

The bakers at Sweet E’s Pastries and Sweets offer the best cakes in Vancouver have years of experience making wedding and birthday cakes. Call us or stop by to book an appointment for a tasting and to design the perfect cake for your event.