Have you ever been to a party where the caterer has sliced each piece of cake so perfectly that it looks like it should be in a movie, but when you took your first bite, all you could taste is the sugar and icing? It instantly ruins the experience and you already feel full of sugar that you don’t even feel like taking another bite. Having a cake look presentable is very important, but if it doesn’t taste good, is it even worth eating?

The next time you are offered a piece of cake at a function or party, keep an eye out for the following things to see if it will taste good or if you need say you are full from the meal you had to skip out on the dessert.


The first thing you will probably notice about the cake you are about to eat is the icing. For some cakes, the icing is the best part, but for others, it will feel like your mouth is dissolving after one bite because of all the sugar that was added. One of the best ways to tell if the icing will taste great is to ask the person who made it if the icing is handmade or if it was store-bought.

Store-bought icing tends to be a lot sweeter and tastes kind of like plastic or just plain fake. Professional bakers should be able to whip up great-tasting icing that contains less sugar and preservatives that are found in store-bought icing. If you want to go further, you can ask what ingredients the baker used to make their icing to ensure they know what they are talking about, but if they claim they did make it by hand, you should be able to tell on your first bite!

Look for Crumbs

Depending on the type of cake you are about to eat, it should be moist but still be able to hold its shape. If you notice that the plates of cake are full of crumbs, the cake may be old and stale. You want the piece of cake you are about to eat to melt in your mouth so that you don’t even have to chew it. Eating stale cake is very unpleasant and can result in the cake tasting like nothing. Ask the baker or host when the cake was made to make sure you are about to eat a fresh and delicious piece of cake!


Sometimes keeping a cake simple in design can be a good sign that the cake was bought from the local supermarket. Those kinds of cakes can taste good, but they won’t be as good as a professionally baked cake made from scratch.

If you are able to see the cake before it’s cut, check for certain flairs and decorations you would never see on a store-bought cake. This could include elegant designs in the frosting, beautiful printing of letters if there is a message on the cake or if they created any pieces of scenery (either made from icing or smaller pieces of cake) to go along with the cake.

All credit goes to sweet e’s pastries and sweets