Many believe that eggs are one of the most important ingredients of successfully baking a cake. But that’s just not the case, as some of the most delicious cakes out there are free of egg. To help you create the best eggless cake that’s as fluffy as the rest, here are some tips to employ throughout the baking process.

Using an Egg Replacement

There are various things you can use as an egg substitute, such as applesauce, mashed bananas and even flax seeds. However, a highly effective technique is to combine baking soda and vinegar, as the reaction they have towards one another will result in an incredibly light and airy cake. Use a small amount of white distilled vinegar and you won’t even be able to taste it.

Thoroughly Mix Your Ingredients

It’s important that you thoroughly whip all your wet ingredients together rather than just mixing them. You’ll get the airiest results this way, making sure your batter resembles the texture of whipped eggs. When it’s time to add in your dry ingredients, you’ll need to do so a little bit at a time to prevent the batter from deflating. Fold your dry elements in, focusing on going in one direction.

Leave the Oven Door Closed When Baking

While it might be tempting to crack your oven door open and take a peek at your cake, you could easily end up ruining it. Whenever the oven door is opened during the baking process, heat is lost to the excess of 30 degrees, altering the finished product. If you want to check how close the cake is to being done, wait until there are only a few minutes left on the clock.

Remove Your Pan as Soon as it’s Done

Once your eggless cake is complete, it’s essential that you take the cake out of its pan as soon as possible. Letting your cake sit in the pan for too long will cause it to collapse, no matter how well cooked the core is. A deflated cake will look flat and taste dense.

Use a Wire Rack for Cooling

When cooling your eggless dessert, it’s best to have it resting on a wire rack, as this will allow the air to circulate across all areas of the cake. This will also speed up the cooling process and keep the case airy and light until it’s time to dig in.

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