Chocolate Caramel Coconut Tarts

Everyone knows one of the best things about the upcoming holidays is all the food that you will be eating, especially the delicious, mouthwatering desserts. Chocolate is the main staple in most holiday desserts because of its rich and warm flavour.

At Sweet e’s Pastries and Sweets, a customer fan-favourite is our Chocolate Caramel Coconut Tarts. These delicious tarts can be a great holiday staple for your next family dinner or holiday party. Delicious as they look with chocolate and a delectable caramel drizzle on top, you might be wondering just exactly what is in the chocolate caramel coconut tart?

Our site describes them as a “supercharged butter tart, containing chocolate pieces and coconut, covered over with chocolate ganache and topped with even more coconut.” But, we will be going more in-depth about what’s in it.

We set down crispy savoury tarts and fill them up with a chocolate ganache, which is a whipped filling of chocolate and cream. We then sprinkle the ganache with pieces of sweet chocolate and coconut shavings. This gets covered in another layer of ganache and topped off with even more coconut, and a healthy drizzle of caramel to taste.

This combination of sweet and salty, with the flaky bits of the tart will melt in your mouth, especially after a filling holiday dinner. Also, don’t be fooled, these tarts aren’t just perfect for the holidays, you can take them to other events as well, whether it be a weekend family get-together, a birthday party or even as a nice sweet to have after dinner with the family. No matter where you will bring our chocolate caramel coconut tarts, know that they will be an instant favourite as soon as they are laid out on the table.

All credit goes to sweet e’s pastries and sweets